Organic Matcha Green Tea

Matcha Green Tea, originally discovered by a Buddhist monk in the 12th century is a wildly popular tea today. Matcha is finely ground green tea leaves that are whisked (with a special Matcha whisk) into hot water in a zigzag pattern. This type of Matcha whisk will create a foam on top. Then more hot …

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Try our best selling loose leaf tea - Chai Tea by The Natural Spot

Chai Tea

Did you know that Chai Tea is a delicious blend of cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, ginger and black peppercorns. Sometimes you can find, nutmeg, vanilla, and star anise in the blend as well. The word Chai actually means tea. On a caffeine scale it has a third the amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee. …

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Order Rooibos Tea from the Natural Spot

Organic Rooibos Tea

Rooibos Tea is a great alternative for those that want a caffeine free tea that can be enjoined daily like green and black tea. It is wildly known for its amazing health benefits. Grown in South Africa it is rich in antioxidants, copper and fluoride. Rooibos tea could increase heart health too by decreasing blood …

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Order Oolong Tea from the Natural Spot

Oolong Tea

Oolong Tea dates back to China in 1644. The word Oolong meaning Black Dragon. This name came from the shape and color of the leaf. How cool is that? Unlike a fire breathing dragon this tea isn’t fire-y hot, minus the temperature, it is actually quite light in flavor. It carries a citrusy and floral …

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White Pomegranate tea from the Natural Spot

White Pomegranate Tea

Why drink White Pomegranate Tea? First of all, there is a reason this is our best selling tea! The juicy tart flavor of pomegranate mixed with the robust slightly sweet aroma of white tea makes it a refreshing in every sip. There are 15 mg of caffeine, and so many health benefits. Health Benefits of …

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Order Sencha Green Tea from the Natural Spot

Organic Sencha Green Tea

Sencha Green Tea is a steamed small leaf tea that is rich in health benefits and flavor. With a green, grassy taste and moderate level of caffeine it is a popular choice among many. Sencha is special brewing process, and is where it gets its unique name. Our loos leaf Green Tea is freshly sourced …

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Order Jasmine Green Tea from the Natural Spot

Jasmine Tea

Why Drink Jasmine Tea? Jasmine tea is a mixed tea, that is primarily green tea but sometimes black tea too with Jasmine blossoms mixed in. Ours is a green tea base! Because of this, you can imagine that it carries a lot of the same benefits of green tea, with a nice aroma from the …

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Order Earl Grey Tea from the Natural Spot

Earl Grey Tea

Our loose leaf Early Grey tea is freshly sourced from farmers and growers so that we can bring you the best quality product. As one of the most popular teas in the world it’s full bodied taste coupled with notes of citrus bring forth the aromatic experience that has been quintessential for centuries. Our Earl …

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Order Assam Black Tea from the Natural Spot

Assam Black Tea

Why Drink Assam Black Tea? If you are looking for a black tea that is high in caffeine and strong in flavor look no further. This is will deliver both of those with a punch. The caffeine range is 60-112mg so you will definitely get that pep in your step with a lot more health …

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