A Guide to Cardamom Seeds

A Guide to Cardamom Seeds

Cardamom and Cardamom Seeds are a rich and beautiful aromatic spice. It lends aid to many dishes from across the world. It is also easy to cook with. You can throw the entire pod into a dish and remove it before service, or it can be ground into a dish. Cardamom is often sold in various forms, whole black cardamom pods, whole cardamom, ground cardamom and white cardamom. White cardamom is just green cardamom bleached. Here at The Natural Spot we want our spices to add depth to not only your food but your entire experience. Our organic all natural spices are meant to bring your dishes to life.

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Where Do They Come From?

They come from many plants that are native to India and Indonesia and grow better at higher altitudes. The majority of Cardamom used in the world today comes from Guatemala. The high altitude and climate are perfect for growth, however funny enough it is not used in very many Guatemalan dishes or cuisine.

What Do They Taste Like?

There are two main types of Cardamom Seeds, green and black. Green Cardamom seeds taste like a mix of mint and pepper. It is used in recipes to add a citrusy zest to the dish. Popular dishes that use green cardamom seeds are, sugar cookies, curry dishes, cobblers, cakes, and parfaits. Black Cardamom Pods tastes like a very strong menthol with hints of smoky notes. Recipes with black cardamom pods are middle eastern and indian cuisines like masalas, curry dishes, biryani rice, subzis, and dals.

How To Cook With Them

They are in the same spice family as turmeric and ginger. You would recognize it in popular Indian recipes. When cooking with them it is important to keep both versions separate in your recipes. They often don’t work together in one dish. If you want the spice to be less strong in your dish it is best used in a ground form. Green Cardamom Seeds as you read above are heavily used in desserts, and pastries whereas black cardamom seeds are used in more savory dishes.

Health Benefits of Cardamom Seeds

They are obviously delicious and add a punch to teas, cakes, poultry, red meats and more, but it has some pretty incredible health benefits too. It has been studied and has been found to combat bad breath and cavities, lower blood pressure, and help with losing weight. Recently there have been studies done that show positive results for cardamom lowering anxiety, fighting tumors and protecting liver health. So whether you are eating, black cardamom pods, whole cardamom, ground cardamom, white cardamom, green cardamom or just the seeds, you clearly can’t go wrong.

Where To Buy Cardamom Pods & Cardamom Seeds?

You can find them right here on our website. They are all natural and organic. We carry them in both seed and powder form. If you have any questions about our Cardamom Seeds you can always contact us. Whether you are eating with family and friends or by yourself, using spices in their raw and natural form allows your dishes to stay true to themselves. Recipes are our oldest language and using the proper ingredients allows our ancestors’ legacies to remain steady in our lives today. 

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