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Don't you think your recipes deserve better than the store brand spices littering your spice cabinet? Bring your dishes to life with our fresh spices, hand selected from the finest ingredients and sustainably sourced!

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Our Best Selling Spices, Teas, Herbs, & Chiles

The Freshest Spices

Did you know there's a difference between what you buy at your grocery store and what we sell. You aren't going to find this kind of quality at your regular grocery stores!

The Best Quality Herbs

What makes our herbs different? We source the freshest, highest quality spices and herbs for all your cooking, medicinal, and loose leaf tea needs. You won't find this attention to detail from other stores.

Exquisite Loose Leaf Teas

Shop our Grade A quality, wild crafted & sustainably sourced, great tasting loose leaf teas and taste the difference. You'll never buy bagged tea again.

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No joke, our spices can really spice up your life.

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These are the freshest spices, I've ever had. The Natural Spot has such a great variety of spices too! Sooo many you don't normally find in a grocery store. 100% recommend!
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I did not realize how bland the spices I was buying at Kroger were until I tried The Natural Spot. Their New Mexico Chili Powder has such a strong profile, I love it! I'll never buy spices from another place.
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