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Assam Black Tea


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Why Drink Assam Black Tea?

If you are looking for a black tea that is high in caffeine and strong in flavor look no further. This is will deliver both of those with a punch. The caffeine range is 60-112mg so you will definitely get that pep in your step with a lot more health benefits than that of coffee. Like all tea it is also loaded with health benefits. Drinking this tea will aid in digestions, reduce inflammation, improve cholesterol and heart health while also tasting delicious. When food is medicine it helps when it is both convenient and tastes good. Give our black tea a try and let us know what you think! We would love to hear from you!

What makes This Black Tea Different?

Assam Black tea is a whole leaf tea. It is named Assam after the region where it is produced in India. An interesting fact about that area of India is that it is very near sea level. However, besides the name there is nothing different about the tea. It is truly up to your preference. It packs the same great health benefits of black tea and it only changed by the variety it is pulled from. Black tea is produced by the Camellia plant and there is the sinensis variety and the assamica variety. This of course being the assamica variety of tea. An interesting fact is that a huge portion of the worlds tea, over 75% is produced in Assam. It has the perfect tropical climate for growing tea for the world to enjoy. Ever wondered what Assam Tea Gardens may be like? Check out this article that explains more. 

How To Brew Our Tea?

When brewing this tea, we recommend bringing water to a rolling boil and then removing it from the heat. Then steep it for 3 to 5 minutes.

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