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French Tarragon is also known by the name, estragon. It is an herb from the Asteraceae family. It is used in various cultures across for cooking and for medicinal remedies. Uniquely there are three varieties of Tarragon, French, Russian and Mexican, but French is the only one that can be used in cooking. It was first used in Siberia thousands of years ago. Now, it grows all over the world and prefers a dry and sunny environment.

This herb has a bittersweet flavor and is often compared to licorice. It has an array or really helpful health benefits. It reduces inflammation, strengthens the liver, reduces blood sugar, is good for heart health, appetite and can improve sleep. Tarragon is rich in nutrients, a few are,  calcium, potassium, iron and manganese. It goes well with chicken, fish, beef and in soups. Tarragon actually used to be used by roman soldiers. They would put the tarragon in their shoes to boost health. Now, we use it to boost our meals, but in France they still refer to it as the “king of herbs.”

Here is a Tarragon chicken recipe.

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