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Cardamom seeds are a rich and beautiful aromatic spice. It lends aid to many dishes from across the world. It is also easy to cook with. You can throw the entire pod into a dish and remove it before service, or it can be ground into a dish. Cardamom seeds are obviously delicious and add a punch to teas, cakes, poultry, red meats and more, but it has some pretty incredible health benefits too. It has been studied and has been found to combat bad breath and cavities, lower blood pressure, and help with losing weight. Recently there have been studies done that show positive results for cardamom lowering anxiety, fighting tumors and protecting liver health. So, whether you are eating, black cardamom pods, cardamom whole, ground cardamom, white cardamom, green cardamom or cardamom seeds you clearly can’t go wrong. How much cardamom should you consume to reap the health benefits? It is recommended to eat up to 500mg of ground cardamom once or twice a day. 

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Our cardamom is a high-quality spice that will add warmth and depth to your dishes. It is carefully sourced from the best growers, and is carefully processed to retain its unique flavor and aroma.

This versatile spice has a warm, spicy-sweet flavor that is perfect for use in curries, breads, and other dishes. It is also a common ingredient in many traditional medicinal remedies, and has a number of health benefits.

Our cardamom is sold in convenient, resealable packaging to ensure maximum freshness. Add it to your spice cabinet today and elevate your cooking to the next level!

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