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Oolong Tea


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Oolong Tea dates back to China in 1644. The word Oolong meaning Black Dragon. This name came from the shape and color of the leaf. How cool is that? Unlike a fire breathing dragon this tea isn’t fire-y hot, minus the temperature, it is actually quite light in flavor. It carries a citrusy and floral taste through and through. When steeped for a long time it has an orange hue. Like most teas Oolong has antioxidants as well, but unlike other teas it is known to have the strongest antioxidants than other green and black teas. The history of this tea is really interesting, here is an article from Tea Masters.

Oolong has grown in popularity because of research being done tracking it’s ability to effect obesity and weight-loss. As well as, it’s rejuvenating and cleansing abilities after a heavy night of drinking and smoking. After your next big night out, give Oolong a try in the morning.

To best enjoy Oolong, boil water to 190 degrees Farenheit and pour over lose leaf tea. Then let the tea steep for 3 minutes.

If Oolong isn’t your thing, we have plenty more where that came from, try our Chai Tea next.

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