Why You Need To Cook With Smoked Paprika

Why You Need Smoked Paprika

Hang up the phone, don’t call the fire department. That smoke in your kitchen is supposed to be there. An age old spice that has been used for centuries is hype for a whole different reason. Smoked Paprika is like Paprika’s cooler cousin that owns a food truck and parks it at the chillest local brewery. I am writing this article because I really want to convince you to try it if you haven’t. Then of course, if you have I really think you should try ours. When you buy smoked paprika from your local big chain grocery store it is really not as good. It is absolutely not as fresh. Ours is fresh and restocked regularly to keep it that way, and with a competitive price because cooking good food shouldn’t be out of reach for anyone. Check it out here. 

The Discovery of Smoked Paprika

For us, we discovered smoked paprika way later than necessary. A delicious Fajita recipe from Antoni Porowski introduced us to the truly remarkable flavor palette it creates. Or should I sy obliterates because you might not taste anything else or smell anything else except the smoked paprika. BUT, that’s ok trust us, because it is that good. Here is that recipe from Antoni linked because it is a life changing Fajita recipe and you will never make them another way again. https://www.itv.com/thismorning/articles/smoky-chicken-skillet-fajitas-antoni-porowski-recipe

Of course there is far more to use this spice with other than fajitas. We like to add it to our Indian dishes, chicken, asparagus, marinade, smoky chilis and stews! You can even use it in barbecue. Most people think that Hungarian Paprika is the main staple, most notable paprika on the market, but when shopping for smoked paprika, Spanish is what you want! It originated in Central Mexico in 1493. Later arriving in Spain in the 16th century it was produced for local cooking and consumption. It wasn’t introduced to Hungary until 1569. One of the best things about this spice is that a little goes a long way. 

Bag of Spanish Smoked Paprika from the Natural Spot

Health Benefits of Paprika

If my raving about the taste isn’t enough to convince you to try it, here are a few health benefits for eating Paprika. It is packed full of nutritional value, rich in vitamin A that is great for your skin and eyes. Second, it has capsaicin and antioxidants that help decrease inflammation and improve blood sugar levels and cholesterol. Not that we all eat everything we do for health reason. It’s just an added bonus when it’s this good and good for you too. 

Where To Buy Smoked Paprika

You can buy Smoked Paprika here on our website. We have real, Spanish Smoked Paprika stocked fresh. We sell it in two quantities either 1.8 oz ($3.99) or 3.4 oz. ($7.99).

At your local Kroger from Spice Islands is $8.99 for 2.1 oz. 

Add it to your spice rack today! And, if you already cook with it, we’d love to hear your favorite recipes and share them here on our blog! Leave us a comment down below!

Spanish Smoked Paprika from the Natural Spot

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