Guajillo Chili Powder

What is Guajillo Chili Powder? (Capsicum Annuum)

We talk about a lot of spice on this blog, but today I want to focus on the very special guajillo chile pepper. We have all heard of chili powder but what exactly is Guajillo Chili Powder? Well, it is the dried version of Mirasol chile. Mirasol chile comes from the Durango region of Mexico and measures in at around 5,000 scoville units, so it isn’t really very spicy. It is used widely across the United States to bring authentic mexican food to life. It’s uncommon name is Capsicum Annuum. It is the perfect addition to a stew or mexican cuisine for guests that can’t handle the heat but want the tried and true flavor of mexican food. There are various types of dried chiles and chile pepper, used in latin american cuisine and guajillo is just one of them. However, it is not common to find a chili pepper that has such a mild heat. Don’t sleep on this spice is all we’re saying! It is important to note that this mild heat is dependent on the person eating it. I have family that can’t handle a hatch chili, and then other family that will eat habaneros raw.

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What are popular dishes with Guajillo chilies?

Many popular Latin American dishes use various types of peppers, powders and spice. Specifically, Enchiladas, stews, salsa, roasted vegetables, kabobs, tamales, tacos and burritos use guajillo chile. They are such easy additives to peppers, mole sauce, and will really add a pop of flavor to any mexican cuisine. When you open your spice cabinet you may not see guajillo, so here are some related products while you wait for your Natural Spot order to arrive! If you need a substitute for guajillo chile pepper, you can use, ancho chile powder, cumin, pasilla chile, or new mexico chili powder. Here are a few mexican dish below that use guajillo chile powder. We recommend using Guajillo as the dish will taste more authentic and ultimately better. The key to cooking good food is following recipes and using ingredients that have been past down. Here at the Natural spot we believe food is culture that can be eaten! So dig in and check out the recipes below to give Guajillo chile powder a try!


Traditional Mole Sauce:

Tamale Filling:


Guajillo Meatballs:

What does Guajillo Chile taste like?

The interesting thing about this chili powder is that it carries notes of green tea, berry, smoke and pine. Very low heat, with a tangy flavor. Different recipes can easily bring out different aspects of this chili powder. If you cook it in a stew, the pine flavor will rise to the surface, if you smoke it on the grill, the smoke flavor will be stronger. The green tea and berry flavor-profile comes out more in sauces, mole, salsa, and in dish served cold. When cooked along side saturated fat like tamales, it can really change the flavor and round out all of the notes together. As mentioned above guajillo powder is not very spicy and has a more moderate heat so it is safe to use on any guest. Maybe bring out the cayenne in case you have dinner guests that need a little more heat. Although, taste your dish before it is served because some compare the guajillo pepper to the jalapeno. Jalapenos measure 2,500-8,000 Scoville units so easily this pepper falls right in the middle. However, most latin american dish fans will find that, that is right where they like to be. Heat level is highly dependable on the person eating it!

Where to buy Guajillo Chili powder?

You can buy this delectable spice on our website here. We also carry related products such as ancho chile powder, new mexico chile, and cumin. We don’t carry any spice blends currently but are taking suggestions for spice blends you’d like to see. If you have any recipes or recommendations please send them our way and in exchange we will send you a coupon for 10% off! We also carry various other pepper powders, and you can check those out here.

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