6 Underrated Spices with Amazing Health Benefits

6 Underrated Spices with Amazing Health Benefits

We often read about the amazing health benefits of ginger for our digestive system, turmeric for its anti inflammatory properties and cinnamon for lowering blood sugar and more. However, there are a multitude of healthy spices out there that don’t get the hype they deserve. This article highlights 6 underrated spices and what they can do for you. Food truly is medicine and hopefully this article serves as encouragement to eat with that in mind! Feeling good starts with feeding ourselves with the right fuel!

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I don’t think anyone would gravitate towards Thyme when deciding what spice to add to the medicine list but it is number one on this list for a reason. Thyme has been used for centuries to give that earthy flavor to food. There are so many varieties of Thyme, some more minty or lemony than others. For example, French Thyme is slightly sweeter. Whichever you choose, it doesn’t matter, the bottom line is, it’s really good for you. Thyme is packed full with a plethora of vitamins and minerals to maximize health. French Thyme has immune system supporting properties like vitamin C, A, B and potassium. Bone development nutrients like manganese as well as chemicals that help with bacterial and fungal infections and dementia. People have used time to help with hair loss and it has been known to have an antioxidant effect too. It could reduce cancer risk, improve mood, and help with acne. You can ingest thyme in various recipes or make your own tea. Your next question might be, how much thyme do I need to eat to get the health benefits?, 1 teaspoon of time has 1.28 milligrams of vitamin C, so you need a lot, but you don’t have to eat it in one day. So brew yourself up a cup of thyme tea, or sprinkle it on your next meal. It goes best with roasted vegetables, meat, and lasagna.


Anise is either a spice people love or can’t tolerate. It has a strong licorice like taste. If you are one of the lucky ones that likes this flavor than you are open to a whole host of health benefits. You can ingest anise in various forms, but two popular ways are ground anise which is  ground anise seed and powdered star anise. Anise has been known to have various vitamins and nutrients that aid in fungal and bacterial infections. Ground Anise also has anti-inflammatory properties. We can all benefit from more natural antinflammatories. Ground Anise Seed if ingested can help with stomach ulcers, lower blood sugar levels, and reduce depression symptoms. Some studies hae shown it can alleviate symptoms of menopause as well. You can add ground anise seed, or just powdered star anise to savory meals like meat and potatoes. It will add a peppery, licorice taste. The alcoholic drink Sambuca has anise in it, as well as Pastis for reference. How much ground anise do you need to eat to reap the health benefits, well according to healthline.com as little as 9 grams a day has been known to help alleviate the symptoms of depression.


Now, lets talk about Fennel, Fennel is very similar to anise, it has the same licorice taste but different health properties. It is often used in the same way as anise. Ground fennel can be added on to savory dishes, and when cooked in stews and soup it grows sweeter. Ground fennel seeds have very strong plant properties and is are super nutritious. Eating ground fennel can benefit a healthy heart, aid in weightloss, fight cancer, and increase milk production in lactating women. You can ingest Fennel in various forms but the most popular is ground fennel and ground fennel seeds. How many ground fennel seeds should you eat a day? It is recommended to consume at least one teaspoon. However, if you consume too much, and I mean a lot, it does carry estrogen properties that if ingested in high quantities can mess with some medications. So, don’t go overboard!


Caraway is often confused with fennel and cumin. That is because it looks a lot like cumin but tastes similarly to fennel and anise. Much like those two spices it also has similar health benefits. Caraway ground is made from ground caraway seeds and is found in many liqueurs. It is a digestive aid that can help with stomach pain, ulcers and indigestion. You can add Caraway ground to meals that you would like to have notes of citrus, earthy tones, and bitter zest like anise. Consuming ground caraway seeds can also relax the digestive tract, ease bloating and stomach cramping. How much ground caraway do you need to consume to be beneficial? Anywhere from ½ teaspoon to 1 full tablespoon up to three times a day can be beneficial and tolerated well.


Whole cardamom is a rich and beautiful aromatic spice. It lends aid to many dishes from across the world. It is also easy to cook with. You can throw the entire pod into a dish and remove it before service, or it can be ground into a dish. Cardamom seeds are obviously delicious and add a punch to teas, cakes, poultry, red meats and more, but it has some pretty incredible health benefits too. It has been studied and has been found to combat bad breath and cavities, lower blood pressure, and help with losing weight. Recently there have been studies done that show positive results for cardamom lowering anxiety, fighting tumors and protecting liver health. So, whether you are eating, black cardamom pods, whole cardamom, ground cardamom, white cardamom, green cardamom or cardamom seeds you clearly can’t go wrong. How much whole cardamom can you consume to reap the health benefits? It is recommended to eat up to 500mg of ground cardamom once or twice a day. Where to buy cardamom pods? Right here on The Natural Spot website is where!

You can find French thyme , Ground Fennel, whole cardamom, Cardamom Seeds, Ground Fenugreek, Anise Whole, & more right here on our site. Our spices are all natural and freshly sources. If you have any questions about our products you can contact us here. Whether you are eating with family and friends or by yourself, using spices in their raw and natural form allows your dishes to stay true to themselves and be beneficial to your health and those you serve. Our bodies are all we truly have so take care of them the easiest way, by fueling them with the rich, delicious and organic ingredients that plants provide. Recipes are our oldest language and using the proper ingredients allows our ancestors’ legacies to remain steady in our lives today.

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