Chia Seeds, Small but Mighty!

Chia Seeds are tiny little seeds, but they really pack a punch! How could something so small contain various amazing health benefits? Great question! 

Chia Seeds were a pillar in Aztec and Mayan nutrition. For generations and generations Chia Seeds have been famous for their nutrient rich properties. 

Here are 5 benefits to adding Chia Seed to your daily routine. 

1.) They are antioxidant rich and contain minerals and omega-3 fatty acids that are great for your heart, blood sugar and bones. 

2.) Small and Mighty just 2 Tablespoons contain 23% of your daily value of magnesium, 12% of iron, 20% phosphorus, 14% calcium. Not to mention they have B vitamins, fiber and are high in protein too!

3.) The caffeic acid in Chia Seeds has anti-inflammatory properties. 

4.) Consuming the omega-3 fatty acids has a positive effect on reducing your risk for heart disease. 

5.) Very easy to add to your daily diet because of their size and ability to be added to so many meals.

Here is the real talk, Chia seeds are tiny little things. They have practically no taste. But are worth their weight in gold because of the health benefits their little seed selves carry! Add them to a smoothie like one of these, or your yogurt in the morning. Just two tablespoons is all you need. 

At big festival concerts you can even find vendors selling watermelon juice or other beverages with Chia seeds floating in them because they absorb water and help increase our water intake when we need it most.

We are big into Chia Seeds at the Natural Spot and we think you will be too. Check out our Chia Seeds and let us know your favorite way to eat them!

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