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Organic Rooibos Tea


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Rooibos Tea is a great alternative for those that want a caffeine free tea that can be enjoined daily like green and black tea. It is wildly known for its amazing health benefits. Grown in South Africa it is rich in antioxidants, copper and fluoride. Rooibos tea could increase heart health too by decreasing blood pressure and lowering bad cholesterol. It has delicious full bodied warm taste with earthy and nutty notes. It does not taste like green tea, but could be related more in flavor to a lightly brewed coffee. Here is an interesting article on Rooibos from Food&Wine.

Regardless of why you choose to drink Rooibos, it’s coffee like taste, health benefits, or caffeine free status you can enjoy our freshly sourced loose leaf every day.

Rooibos is best enjoyed when poured over water that is a higher temperature than most teas. Bring your water temperature up to around 210 degrees Farenheit. Then pour it over your loose leaf and let steep for 5 minutes.

If Rooibos doesn’t sound like you, check out our loose leaf Oolong Tea!

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