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Organic Sencha Green Tea


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Sencha Green Tea is a steamed small leaf tea that is rich in health benefits and flavor. With a green, grassy taste and moderate level of caffeine it is a popular choice among many. Sencha is special brewing process, and is where it gets its unique name. Our loos leaf Green Tea is freshly sourced from farmers and growers.

To enjoy this tea it is best steeped in water that was heated to 170 degrees Fahrenheit. Unlike most teas this loose leaf only needs to steep for 15-30 seconds. It is unique in that it is a tea that is regularly enjoyed no matter the time of day. Even more it is known for its great health benefits like weight-loss and decreasing cancer risk. Also, heart and brain function and health. There really isn’t a bad reason to drink green tea!

If drinking regular hot tea isn’t your style green tea is unique because it goes great with many other flavors. Check out the recipe below a fun twist.

Here is a fun cucumber mint green iced tea you can make with our loose leaf Sencha Green Tea.

If you like more adventurous teas, check out our very popular White Pomegranate Tea!

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