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Coarse Himalayan pink salt


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Himalayan Pink Salt

Many people don’t know that himalayan pink salt actually is a mined rock salt from Punjab Pakistan. It is called pink salt because it has a beautiful pale pink hue, this is because you can find magnesium and iron in this rock salt. Many have said all humans can benefit from more magnesium!

Health Benefits

Himalayan pink salt has been reported for many health benefits. A few of these are: regulating our bodies electrolyte balance, helping with sleep, muscle cramps and detoxifying kind of like salt lamps are said to do.

How to use it

Like all salt, it can be used various ways in cooking or as a finishing salt. Many people like to use it as an alternative to table salt because it is thought to be a healthier option. It is less processed and doesn’t have as many additives. As with all salt though, you want to consume it in moderation.

You will also easily find this salt in bath products, soap, candles and more!

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